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Homemade gift for a one-year old: nesting boxes with openings and heart-shaped "coins" to put in the openings.A friend’s daughter turned one today! I’m not in the habit of giving gifts to friends’ kids, but I think marking the day with something homemade is a nice touch. I hope Bee’s little friend will enjoy these nesting boxes with heart-shaped “coins.”

At my local thrift store – I’m a huge fan – I found two boxes that fit neatly one into the other, as well as some wood hearts. The total cost of the materials was not more than $1.50!

I cut a slot into the larger box and a heart-shaped opening in the smaller box, and finished the edges with some painter’s masking tape. Easy!

I think this homemade toy has a lot of potential. In addition to nesting the boxes and putting the heart-shaped “coins” in the openings (the slot opening is a bigger challenge than the heart-shaped opening), the boxes can be stacked, the lids can be removed and replaced, the “coins” can be dumped from one box into the other… And I’m sure Bee’s little friend will find many more things to do with it!

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