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7 Things & Blogs I Follow

Versatile Blogger AwardThe mother-daughter blogging team at Equal Opportunity Kitchen gave me the Versatile Blogger Award. Big THANKS! I’m delighted, especially since I’m still pretty new to the Ottawa blogging scene.

Equal Opportunity Kitchen is a fun blog full of recipes and stories about food, family and traditions. I think they really show how food brings people together.

So the deal is I thank the bloggers who gave me the award (done!), pass on the award to other blogs I enjoy reading, and share seven things about myself.

Favourite Blogs

The common thread to these blogs is mindful local living and a love of fresh food.

Apron Strings – Down-to-earth, original, well written and attractive blog. I like that Lana takes on those little bit different food projects and absolutely support involving kids in cooking from an early age (can’t get enough of the pictures of her son in the kitchen!). I also find it interesting to read about dealing with food allergies. Even though I don’t have any myself, it’s good awareness.

The Veggie Patch Re-imagined – All about earth and what grows in it. As a beginner gardener, I pick up good tips from this Ottawa gardener. Check out the interview with the pepper, funny.

100 Mile Mel, Amateur Locavore – I feel a connection to Mel’s journey to local eating and sustainability and enjoy reading about her experiences in the garden, the kitchen and beyond.

Experiments in efficiency – Rachel is another blogger who is mindful of the environment, blogs insightful posts on sustainability, and is active in the kitchen. Besides, I think Rachel and I share a liking for elderberries!

And these two blogs are really about the food (and drink):

Mary Mary Culinary – Mary regularly posts sophisticated and interesting recipes, accompanied by mouth-watering photographs.

Matthew Kayahara, Canadian food done differently – I admit, Matt is a friend. We’re both obsessed with good food, but in practice we go down different paths. That’s why I like to read Matt’s blog. He does food experiments (literally) that I would not do.

Finally, had these two Ottawa food blogs not also just received the same award, I would have given it to them too: She Eats Bears and The Twisted Chef.

Seven Things About Me

(1) One of my favourite places is the stunning, mountainous and culturally-interesting region of Surselva in Switzerland. The people there speak a dialect of the Latin-derived language romansch.

Surselva mountains

View of the mountains in the Surselva.

(2) I got married in the Surselvan town of Ilanz wearing shoes called cappucino giraffe.

My wedding shoes

My wedding shoes. Yes, I got married in red!

One of the regional specialties is called capuns, savoury dumplings wrapped in a Swiss chard-like green served in a creamy broth. (3) Capuns are one of my favourite foods.


I ate these capuns at the Postigliun restaurant in the small village Andiast, where we stay when we visit the Surselva. They make the best capuns!

(4) Another one of my favourite places is Basel, my mom’s hometown. In February/March every year, life in Basel focuses for three days on Fasnacht (carnival). It starts at 4 am on a Monday when all the lights in the downtown core are turned off (shops included) and cliques descend from the old town alleys and march through the streets with decorated lanterns while playing the piccolo or the drums. The party goes on until 4 am on the Thursday of the same week.

A Fasnacht specialty is Mehlsuppe, a “flour soup” made of roasted flour, onions, red wine and a hearty beef broth. My mom made this soup once when I was little. I could barely swallow a spoonful. (5) How tastes change though… At 7 on a chilly Fasnacht morning, flour soup really hits the spot!

Basler Fasnacht

During Fasnacht in Basel, the streets are filled with tens of thousands of exuberant Baslers in costume, lantern lights and music.

(6) I’ve shared butter tea with monks at a monastery in Tibet.

Monk and me at a Tibetan monastery.

Me with a monk at the Shalu Monastery somewhere between Gyantse and Shigatse in Tibet.

(7) I love living in Ottawa. It’s a manageable city with a great quality of life. However, I always keep Vancouver (where I grew up and where my parents live) in a very special place in my heart. It’s a beautiful, multicultural city with a vibrant fresh food scene, mom’s home-cooking and dad’s garden harvest.

Ottawa sunset

Beautiful sunset over the Ottawa River at Britannia Beach.

False Creek in Vancouver

Boats harboured in False Creek, near Granville Island, in Vancouver.

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