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Tall beans grown from seed indoorsThis year I decided I would start beans indoors for the first time, to give them a head start and hopefully find the “success” in succession planting.

Beans grown from seed indoorsWell, I am having success of some sort. The beans are growing fast and furious, already reaching past the tops of the two-foot stakes I put in the little pots. What am I going to do until I’m able to plant them outdoors?!

Beans are usually among the last seeds to be planted since the earth needs to be warm for them them to germinate. That means, they go in at the end of May. But my seeds have already germinated, so I wonder if I could plant them outdoors a little earlier?

Based on some discussion threads on gardening websites, it sounds like:

  • I may have planted the beans indoors a little too early.
  • They can handle being transplanted to cooler soil.
  • I should harden them outside in a protected location for a week prior to planting.

With this information, I’ve decided to transplant the beans sometime early May and see what happens. Until then, I’ll try to get them to train up something flexible.

I’ll also sow some beans directly outside at the end of May to make sure I get beans sometime this summer. In the end, I have nothing to lose (except a couple of plants) if my experiment doesn’t work out.

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